Webinar: Creating your human firewall
Human Firewall – Insider Threats Mitigated. Assessing and mitigating human cyber risks by implementing a human firewall and last line of defence in real time. Game Changing – Real-Time Intervention. Real Time Intervention with Azure Sentinel. Cyber Risk Aware + Microsoft Advantage Next Generation Security Awareness Platform GCHQ Accredited. Phishing, SMiShing , Training, Videos, Policies, Quizzes, Reports, Outlook Plugin (The very best of what is already available on the market)


BUI Podcasts

Tech Talk with Terryanne aired weekly on South Africa’s GoldFM 104.3 radio station. The podcasts, hosted by BUI Cyber MXDR Team Lead Terryanne du Toit, tackled a wide range of technology topics, trends, and talking points. Listen to the recordings to learn more.

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