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BUI awarded Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization

We’re excited to announce that we’ve earned the new Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization from Microsoft!

Introduced in April 2020, this niche specialization is reserved for top-tier Microsoft Partners with both the deep-level expertise and the experience to support and empower customers as they embrace organisational change.

“We’re always focused on meeting our customers where they are in terms of digital transformation, and these engagements involve so much more than just the deployment of technology,” explains Willem Malan, our national technical director.

“We help people to adapt to new practices, leverage new tools, and find innovative ways to improve efficiency. Microsoft’s recognition is an acknowledgement of our specific capabilities in this area, and our commitment to the highest levels of service delivery.”

As business transformation gains momentum and technology continues to reshape workplaces everywhere, Malan believes a people-first approach to change management is paramount. “Change can be challenging, but when you put people at the centre of the process, and provide the coaching and guidance they need to navigate their new circumstances, you create an environment that encourages user adoption. And that’s important, because people are the end users. They’re the ones who have to utilise the technology to drive the business forward.”

Malan’s sentiments are shared by our Western Cape general manager, Thys Janse Van Rensburg, who has helmed change-management projects for several of our customers, including Capitec Bank.

“Our journeys with customers are characterised by intensive planning, meticulous execution, and teamwork. The teamwork component is perhaps the most important of all, because effective change management requires successful collaboration at every stage,” says Janse Van Rensburg.

BUI is well positioned to help enterprises of all sizes adopt Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, and other Microsoft 365 technologies for digital enablement, remote productivity, and secure communication.

“We’re all part of the new normal, but ultimately, we’re humans doing business. Here at BUI, we’re determined to help our customers find the best pathways to success as they change, grow, and prepare for the future,” concludes Malan.

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