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Criminals are exploiting the complexity of your expanding networks to infect systems, steal data, and ransom systems. But that’s only half the story. Let us balance your organization’s productivity with robust prevention, detection, and response.

Security Products


As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP we know a thing or two about Azure. A migration to Azure can be very complex. This is why our Azure Discovery Workshop solution was built to support you. Our Azure Discovery Workshops follows a defined and repeatable process to share the wealth of Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The biggest advantage of cloud adoption is the reduction of time your IT operational team spends on menial administrative tasks. Through adopting cloud solutions, they are freed up to become more innovative, strategic and reactive to business needs.

BUI CyberSoC

The global need for protection against data breaches and other cyberthreats presents a great opportunity for your business. Learn more about our Microsoft Security Offerings.

Learn more about the risks and opportunities presented by the shift to cloud and mobile computing. Let BUI become your trusted security advisor.

Our consultants are dedicated to the management of the BUI Cyber SoC by providing highly skilled cybersecurity resources to manage our world class infrastructure, the BUI Cyber SoC is backed-up and protected by globally available Microsoft Security technology in your region.
Features include
  • Detection – Threat detection is smarter and faster
  • Reducing Noise – The focus is on finding real threats, daily, and minimizing false positives
  • Custom – Pre-built queries based on years of security experience
  • Patterns – Previously uncovered  threats can be detected
  • Technology – Built-in machine learning backed by world-class Microsoft Technology
  • Analysis – BUI’s SoC provides monitoring and alerting and, if enough data is collected, an analysis of the attack

Cyber Security Consulting

The BUI team have in-depth knowledge and experience across several next generation solutions that are redefining the way that the world looks at information security. This offering includes the following:

  • Multi-layered security where we ensure identity, on-premise & cloud based assets
  • Information Security gap assessment and remediation roadmap development
  • Cybersecurity testing and improvement service
  • Cybersecurity testing and improvement service
  • Information security training and awareness
  • Platform and Network Security Assessments, Emerging Technology Risk Assessment
  • Provide statics on device performance and usage


We are an Azure MSP Expert. We will help you plan cloud deployments, receive end-to-end guidance from BUI throughout your deployment and migration, and use our change management resources to help gain user adoption and achieve your business goals.

We want to put you in a strong position to roll out Microsoft 365 capabilities that are relevant and impactful to your business.

Let BUI assist you with maximizing your Digital Transformation journey by securing your Corporate Data and Identity using Microsoft 365.

Penetration Testing

BUI’s security experts work with you to determine the cybersecurity assessment and tests that is required for your network to identify ways to strengthen your security posture. People will always pose a risk to your network, social engineering exercise can identify if your employees requires security awareness training. This offering includes the following:

  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Application Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability assessments usually offer a brief snapshot of what your vulnerability exposure is. The problem however, is that vulnerability assessments are never a complete picture, they only present a partial view into your exposure.

Most businesses react to a security breach which puts the threat actors in control. Businesses should be proactive and test their network security control regularly to reduce the risks and costs of a cyber breach.

The NettProtect Platform gives you continuous insight into your global security and compliance posture, with visibility across all your IT assets, wherever they reside


BUI is a Cisco Gold Partner, and a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Partner. Our Network professionals are Palo & Cisco certified with years of experience safeguarding corporate networks. Trust us, we’ve got your network covered.

We provide broad expertise across enterprise networks, collaboration, data center, and IP Next-Generation Network. As a Networking specialist, we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and delivery excellence.

PAlo Alto Networks

BUI’s accelerates your network forensics and incident response. Network breaches may be inevitable. With Corelight, detect breaches before it is too late. Prevent Cyber Attacks. Reduce Response Time. Gain Data Visibility. Network Traffic Analysis.

For investigation, threat hunting & response, BUI offers advanced analytics & contextualises events (using Microsoft based Security Technology) with threat intelligence & human expertise.

Cybercrime is evolving, which means issues with solutions, including people, processes & technology, are prominent. BUI provides round the- clock monitoring to detect, investigate, notify & respond to incidents & potential threats.

Surface Computers

Now introducing the powerful, next-generation Microsoft Surface devices ready to help your employees to work and create freely with the best tools around, now available from BUI

These award-winning Microsoft Surface devices make remote work and learning easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Introducing new processing power with advanced connectivity options these Surface devices offer improved productivity, security, mobility, and speed for your employees.