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Tech Talk
Tech Talk: Your common questions, answered
This session is all about answering your questions! Learn the answers to the below questions: • Are default passwords for a home router safe? • How do you update your computers? • My computer will not turn on, what do I do? • When you speak about things like load shedding, does this have an effect on our hardware? • My PC has 2 screens but 1 has stopped working, is it my PC or my screen that has the issue? • The date and time on my computer is wrong, what is the problem and how do I fix it? • Is it safe to turn off a computer without “Shutting it down”? • What is the best way to backup my data? • Are small businesses targets for cybercriminals? • As a business how do I protect my business 25/7? • How do I protect myself or my business against a data breach? • Wifi hotspots, can people use your hotspot to gain access to your data? • Why does my server and networks require regular checks? • How do I prevent spam emails from being sent to me? • If it happens that a person has sent me an email but I did not receive it, why is that, where did it go?


BUI Podcasts

Tech Talk with Terryanne aired weekly on South Africa’s GoldFM 104.3 radio station. The podcasts, hosted by BUI Cyber MXDR Team Lead Terryanne du Toit, tackled a wide range of technology topics, trends, and talking points. Listen to the recordings to learn more.

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Tech Talk: Your common questions, answered